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About us, a short history

In 1990, the Family Furlan heard about John of God and the Dom Ignácio House. This made the Family Furlan want to learn more about the possibilities of how to regain the health of Ignez Furlan.

She is suffering many problems that conventional medicine could not solve, therefore, she finally decided to travel to the Don Ignácio House to meet John of God, by bus, which she did for 10 years.

In 2001, the Family Furlan decided to move to Abadiânia, Goiás State, from Santa Catarina State, about 2000 kilometers away, leaving their family and friends behind in order to give continuity to their treatments.

The family founded the lodge on June 20 of 2002 (anniversary of the medium John of God), for hosting people, many of whom are looking for regain the health without a spiritual belief and are doubtful about it and needing clarification.

Our lodge is about 400 meters from the Don Ignácio House. It a place very quiet and tranquil, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

We work a lot, with love in our garden and orchard. The place is full of fruit trees, vegetable greens, fresh water and salads, essentially organic products, which we provide for our guests to eat at meals. The Furlan Lodge it is a great space to make contact with nature.

The Family Siekierski announced in September 2014 the purchase 100% of the capital stock of the Furlan Lodge. This acquisition brought opportunities for synergies through the expansion of activity in the family hotel segment, with a mission to raise and maintain the hosting standards, keeping the values already established.

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